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Date Ideas in Bushwick – Roberta’s

Ready for one of the best New York slices of pizza you can find? Roberta’s is the spot. With locations in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, this iconic Bushwick pizza spot is a great spot for a date, day or night. This classic spot is well known for a reason. Or, many reasons. Their pizza is incredible, the spot is hip and trendy–– and did we mention their pizza is so beloved they sell it frozen, too? We popped into Roberta’s recently for a little Margherita pie.

Where to go for a pizza date in Bushwick

We cannot recommend more strongly that you try your pizza with honey on it. Actually, we love honey on pizza so much, we made honey one of our wedding favors. While we tend to go for a chili honey on pizza, the side of honey and a little chili oil did the trick. It’s a perfect combo that will make you think “wow, why did those go together so well?”

Roberta’s in Bushwick

If you’re out exploring the area, Roberta’s is in the heart of some pretty cool places to stop and check out. The restaurant itself has a couple of different areas: one half is more of a sit down spot, while the other is more casual. For the trip we took there in the photos below, we sat in the room directly beside where a radio show gets recorded. We visit a lot of different pizza spots, and have to say that Roberta’s is definitely on the unique side. Although it’s packed at night, don’t skip out on the brunch if you can help it. Their brunch menu goes beyond pizza into some seriously delicious territory.

Take a look at a couple of shots from Roberta’s Bushwick below:

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