Stay at Home Date Ideas in Brooklyn for Cozy Weekends

Ideas for Home Date Nights in Brooklyn

Pizza and Netflix

Let’s keep it simple. Order pizza from your favorite spot – we like Barboncino and Speedy Romeo in Brooklyn. Choose the latest Netflix original, kick back and relax. Spend that quality time with your partner that you’ve been missing throughout the week. Date night doesn’t have to be fancy: as long as you’re present and in the moment together, kicking back could be all you need.

Wine and cheese

Pick up a bottle of wine and some cheese. One of our favorite spots in Crown Heights for wine is Simply Syrup. You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy this experience. In fact, you could pretend to be wine connoisseurs and talk (or joke) about the flavors you’re experiencing. Or, if you’re well-versed in a wine and cheese pairing, give your partner an experience and help them learn about what makes flavor pairings great.

Bake something together

Let’s skip right to the dessert. Find a recipe and bake something together! Baking is mostly a science where there’s not a lot of wiggle room outside of the basic fundamentals. But following along with the recipe together can be a fun experience and teamwork and deliciousness. Plus, you get the best possible reward at the end: desserts.

Game night

Play some two-player games, or invite friends over for a game night. There’s nothing that shows you more about your partner than playing a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity with a group of friends. Put away your phones and enjoy each other‘s company while having some good old-fashioned fun. (Plus, you can always turn them into drinking games if that’s more your speed.)

Try a DIY

Ready to get crafty? Give a DIY night a try. Find a DIY on Pinterest or your favorite blog and give it a shot. Make sure you prepare your materials ahead of time, though! Working on a DIY together is a great way to spend an evening together, building and bonding.

Home Spa Night

Everyone needs a little pampering sometimes. Plan a home spa night with your partner to take some “you-time”, together. We recommend giving face masks and massage bars from Lush a try. Plus, if you’re planning a wedding, having a couple of home spa nights can’t hurt to take the pressure off of planning.

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