6 Things to Tell Your Wedding Photographer

What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer Before Your Wedding

There are a list of things to tell your wedding photographer prior to your wedding. If you want to achieve the best possible wedding photos, making your photographer aware of certain situations will be essential to getting the wedding photos that you want. Communication is very important between a couple and any vendor, but for the photographer the pressure is on. Help them help you make your day runs smoothly as possible. These are 6 things to tell your wedding photographer before your wedding.

Tell your wedding photographers any important names

Give your photographer a list of names of some of the more important people at the wedding. People like important family members, the wedding party, and anyone else you think they should take note of. As well, if you have any other vendors that you need the photographer to interact with, give them their name. It may even be helpful to attach some photos to the names in a document or email to your photographer.

Any relationships that need to be made known

Make sure that your photographer is aware of some of the more important relationships of the wedding. If, for example, the mother of the bride might try and take over with the photo direction, or the parents of the groom don’t really get along, it’s important for the photographer to know these things. The goal is to try and avoid any uncomfortable situations or photos that may end up in the “never see the light of day” pile for you.

Are there any crucial shots you need in your wedding photos?

if there are any absolutely essential shots, it’s extremely important for your photographer to know what they are. If you must have a photo of a certain family heirloom, any specific family members, or maybe even just certain decor details, make sure that your photographer is completely aware. Every photographer should be doing their best to get the shots regardless, but having a list of major essentials is important to provide your photographer.

Tell your photographers your wedding day schedule

The entire schedule is great to communicate for your photographer. This also includes things like hotel room numbers, contact information like cell phone numbers, and the exact schedule as it has been laid out for your day. Providing a backup contact like wedding party members is a good option. Photographers need to know where and when they need to be in specific locations. You providing a schedule is entirely important for this aspect.

Parking/transit/transportation information

Parking and transit information is a big one. Many photographers take their cars to weddings and keep some of their backup equipment in their car. Any parking situations to be aware of should be addressed before the wedding. There may be a unique parking situation for your wedding, or they may be unfamiliar with the venue. Whatever the case may be, your photographer needs to know.

Are there any lighting situations to be aware of?

Make your photographer aware of any unusual lighting situations that might be a rising during your wedding. Are you going to be having a DJ and a dark dance floor? Let them know. Perhaps your wedding is taking place in a room with little to no natural light. Your wedding photographer should hear about these things prior to the wedding so they can prepare the appropriate equipment. Wedding photographers should be equipped to handle any lighting situation, but being able to prepare is a huge help.

Having a prepared photographer is the key to beautiful wedding day photography. Try to think of anything you can that you think could be helpful. It’s way better to be over prepared than to be underprepared. At Brooklyn Wedding Photo, we strive to have as much preparation as possible to help your wedding day run smoothly.

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