10 Ways to Get Better Wedding Photos

How to get better wedding photos

Your wedding is a spectacular event that happens once in your life. Getting the right photos from it is important because their lifelong memories you want to cherish forever. These might be home around your house, put it in our own, or even just use his phone wallpaper. However you use your wedding photos, you’ll want to make sure they are the right photos that you want to be looking at for the rest of your life! Here are 10 ways to get better wedding photos.

1. Natural light vs. Artificial light

Figure out how much natural light and artificial light there will be on your wedding day. Are you having an outdoorsy wedding relying on daylight? Is your wedding an indoor ceremony in a church? Are you having a big banquet hall reception? Consider the lighting in these situations and how they might affect your wedding photos. No venue is the incorrect or correct choice, it’s all about personal preference. Decide how you would like your wedding to look in photos you’ll have for the rest of your life.

2. Backgrounds – scout locations

Think about the backgrounds of your wedding photos. Request your venue’s advice on locations at their establishment to shoot your wedding photos. On top of this, you can go there and scout yourself. If you can’t get to the venue because it’s a destination wedding or the venue is simply not close enough to you, use Google Maps to scout out some nearby locations for photo opps. You can also ask your photographer if they’ve shot at that venue before to see if they have any ideas.

3. Avoid striped patterns

If you can, try to avoid certain striped patterns. Stripes can make for some odd patterns in photos. This is an effect known as the moiré pattern. Trying to avoid the groom or groomsmen wearing any sort of button-up shirt with that specific stripe pattern for optimal wedding photos and videos.

4. Avoid super vibrant reds

Unless it is deeply rooted in your wedding color palette, do your best to avoid bright red in your wedding. Vivid reds tend to be harder for cameras to capture and will be more difficult for the photographers to correct. That’s not to say that red is a total game changer for wedding photography! If you can avoid it in large quantities, however, it might help your wedding photographer capture your day.

5. Blush

When you’re doing your makeup test, add a little extra flash with your make up artist. They will now well photograph best in your specific of any lighting situation if you explain it to them. It might look like a little much blush when you first apply it, but it will begin to fade throughout the day. In the photos, it will show just a little rosiness.

6. False eyelashes

False eyelashes can be a total game-changer for your wedding photos. These will make your eyes stand out more and your makeup will really create a standout look. There are several ways to get false eyelashes, whether it’s on the day through your makeup artist or by getting eyelash extensions before your wedding. It’s all about personal preference!

7. Spare lipstick

Have your makeup artist give you some spare lipstick from your makeup look for the day. You can also choose your own lipstick and have the makeup artist apply it so you can keep the whole tube. Having spare lipstick on hand is great for reapplication after kisses, toasts, and eating.

8. Confetti poppers

Confetti poppers can make for a really fun time with your wedding photos. Other props could be sparklers or smoke bombs, for example. These can be really fun additions to your wedding photos. Have a great time with your guests and let the photographer do their thing!

9. Give the photographer a shot list

One of the easiest ways to get the wedding photos you want is by giving the photographer a shot list. Give your photographer a list of absolutely essential shots to you. They will have their own shot list which is pretty standard for most weddings, but giving them a list of important things to you matters a lot. You can also give them a list of names or relatives to help them out.

10. Choose the right photographer

Choose the right photographer for your wedding. At the end of the day, the quality of photos is going to be dependent on the photographer you choose. Find a photographer that fits with you in terms of both aesthetic quality and personality. Some photographers may have an aesthetic that you’re drawn to or a style that really resonates with you. Some people prefer more formal wedding photography, while others prefer a more documentary style. It all comes down to preference! Put in the research and make sure the photographer that you hire for your wedding is the right photographer for you.

Bonus: Do an engagement session

Work with your photographers ahead of time to get better wedding photos. Having an engagement session with your wedding photographer is the perfect way to get comfortable. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of your wedding day with your photographer. Take some time to get to know them, and learn to pose with their photography style.

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