How much does wedding photography cost in New York?

How much does wedding photography cost in New York?

One of the biggest questions on someone’s mind while planning their wedding is the cost of certain services. In New York, the wedding industry can range to such high and low prices. It can be hard to determine what you actually need to account for in your budget.

New York wedding photographer prices

The prices of a New York wedding photographer can vary greatly. Because of the variety of types of wedding in New York, it’s hard to determine exactly what you’re expecting to pay for wedding photography in New York. 

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The average price for wedding photography in New York

If you’re having a traditional wedding in New York with about 100-150 people, you can expect to budget anywhere from 3000 to 6000 for wedding photography. New York wedding photographers offer varying packages. However, each wedding is totally unique and sometimes a package doesn’t fit those needs.

“Why is wedding photography so expensive?”

One of the questions many couples ask themselves is… why is wedding photography so expensive? There are many different factors that contribute to how much a New York wedding photographer costs. For starters: you’re paying for an experienced professional. It’s important to have a trusted professional with the experience of other weddings to be able to keep your day running smoothly. You have one chance to get your wedding photos, so make sure they’re done right with an experienced wedding photographer.

Another factor that contributes to the price of a New York wedding photographer: quality of service. You’re looking for a high-quality professional who knows how to work the room at a wedding. They know where to be and how to communicate with their couples to get the right shots.

If you’re hiring a wedding photographer for a day, you’re hiring a wedding photographer for at least a week. On top of the day itself, there’s a lot of culling, correcting and general editing that goes into wedding photos. Plus, how are you searching for a New York wedding photographer? They have a lot of others to compete with, and they’re working hard to keep up their marketing efforts. The cost of a wedding contributes to the cost of you being able to find the photographer in the first place.

Finally, photography is a luxury like many other expenses for a wedding. You don’t necessarily need wedding photography. But you do want to keep the memories of one of the best days of your life precious in a way that truly lasts a lifetime. You’re paying to be able to show your family, friends, children, grandchildren just how beautiful your special day was.

New York wedding photographer/videographers

There are many photographers in New York who also offer videography services. Sometimes these New York wedding videography services can be directly coordinated with your photographers. Other times, photographers will partner with a local videography team and have a set rates package for both. There are certainly different styles of wedding videography, so make sure to review the work of the New York wedding videographer first.

How much does wedding photography & videography cost in New York?

If you’re looking to hire both a wedding photography and videography team, chances are that you’re going to expect to pay more than just a still photography budget. 

Let’s work together and figure out what you need from your New York wedding photography

Are you excited about wedding planning, but nervous about the prices of your vendors? Let us help. We’ll figure out with you exactly what you need for your wedding day photography and videography. Our goal is to find a price that you’ll be comfortable with, while knowing the images from your big day are in good hands. Let’s figure out the price of your New York wedding photography together. We’re not big fans of the one-size-fits-all wedding photography package format. Let’s see what you really want and need out of your day.

Reach out and get your New York wedding photography quote

Start here to get a quote for your New York wedding photography. We’re here to serve you on your big day and remove as much stress as we can from your planning process. Get started below:

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