How do you find a Brooklyn wedding photographer?

How to Find a Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Finding your wedding vendors in a city like New York can be a challenge. It’s not like there aren’t enough vendors–– there might be too many good vendors! How do you even find the right ones for you? When it comes to photography, we know what’s up. We put together a list of ways to find a Brooklyn wedding photographer. In a big city, there are a lot of options out there. It’s time to explore which ones are best for you. Let’s get started on how to book a Brooklyn wedding photographer.

NYC Wedding Photographers on Instagram

Instagram is a great resource for finding photographers. It’s also a wonderful place to look for vendors overall! Using Instagram to look for your wedding photographer is as easy as a few taps. Scout through the hashtags on Instagram like #BrooklynWeddingPhotographer, #NewYorkWeddingPhotography #BrooklynWedding, and so on. Photographers who are active in their business are often keeping their Instagram channel updated. It’s a great marketing resource for photographers, so why wouldn’t your dream photographer be on the platform? Searching through some of your other chosen vendors’ tags on Instagram might also be a helpful way to scout Instagram photographer talent of your own.

Local Wedding Publications

Check New York wedding publications for featured photographers. Photographers are often both shooting and advertising in these publications. Finding photographers who have been published in magazines is a great way to look for the right photographer for you. It shows that they have credibility in their field, and have collaborated with other local vendors that you might be using as well.

Google – Find a Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Google may be a good source to find your Brooklyn wedding photographer. But be careful: Google is also a way for some photographers to pay their way to the top. You may or may not find the best fit for you via search engines. Thoroughly check out the results you get from Brooklyn wedding photographers on Google before signing off on your wedding photography.

Ask Your Brooklyn Wedding Venue

Ask your venue if they have any preferred Brooklyn wedding photographers. They will likely have a list of preferred vendors, and would be happy to share their preferred photographer list with you. Venues like to put preferred photographers on their list who are well acquainted with their space and can be trusted to capture your day in its best possible light.

Ask Your Friends

Ask your friends if they have any photography suggestions. Make sure that you are vetting their work as well, but asking friends can be a great way to find a photographer within your greater circle of trust.

Book a Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Now that you know how to find your Brooklyn wedding photographer, it’s time to get booking. Check in with your Brooklyn wedding photographer to see what their availability is like, and go over their rates and packages with them. Sometimes the best way to gauge if there is a fit is just to start the conversation. You may not get along with every photographer you come in contact with swimmingly. That’s okay! People are all different and we all have different personalities that we match with. Make sure that you feel comfortable and happy with the photographers taking your pictures.

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