How to Plan Your NYC Wedding in Less Than 6 Months

Tips for Planning a Wedding in NYC in Less Than 6 Months

There are a whole lot of people in this city, and not everyone is looking to have a long engagement. Some couples want to plan their weddings in less than 6 months’ time. I mean, hey, we planned ours in three months! It’s a totally possible feat. There are plenty of reasons to have a short engagement. If you’re planning to have a short engagement in New York, let’s figure out how to plan a New York City wedding in less than 6 months.

Look into unique NYC venues

Look into New unique New York City wedding venues. There’s a good chance that if you’ve decided to plan a wedding in New York in less than 6 months, many of the major venues in the city are booked. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful New York wedding venue! This city is filled with tons of unique wedding venue options. There are plenty of unique event spaces in New York City to start planning your wedding.

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Consider a weekday wedding

Consider having a weekday wedding in New York. It’s more likely that your venues and vendors aren’t going to be booked for that day. It may be harder to get guests out to your wedding, but that will also help you in narrowing your final guest list. Plus, weekday weddings can be a lot of fun! Have your guests take a long weekend and go for a Monday wedding. Why not?!

Aim for the off-season

If you can, try to aim for the off-season. Off-peak wedding season in New York tends to start when it gets a little colder. Plus, late fall and winter weddings can be absolutely gorgeous! Who says every wedding needs to be green and flowery? Your wedding is going to be about what YOU want!

Choose a date ASAP

Choose your date as soon as possible. Time is of the essence when you’re planning a wedding in NYC in less than 6 months. Your other vendor bookings will rely on your date. Set a date with a venue as soon as you can, and stick to it. Once you have this, it’s time to outreach to your ideal vendors.

Consider a brunch wedding

Before you rush into the planning, consider a brunch wedding. This will make your venue options and your vendor options a little more flexible. It’s less common to have a morning and brunch wedding, and spaces might be open to having the first half of the day booked if they already have an evening wedding or event booking. Look into having a brunch wedding in NYC for last-minute wedding planning ideas.

Keep the guest list small

It’s really hard, but keeping the guest list small is crucial. If you have a lot of people traveling in, this is even more important. Try to narrow it down to the people who you really, truly want at your wedding day. It can be difficult, but certain people will understand if they actually care about you. Your wedding is about what your needs are, and the people in your life need to be understanding of that. Narrow your guest list down to the absolute essential guests. 

Book your NYC wedding photographer ASAP

If you’re planning a wedding in a short amount of time, it’s important to get your photographer secured. You’re pulling off a marvelous feat–– planning a New York City wedding in less than 6 months! Make sure your day is being captured the way you want it to be. Helpful hint: We’re totally willing to hear out your last-minute wedding plans and try to make something work. Get in touch!

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Look into smaller wedding vendors

It’s likely that the bigger wedding vendors you see pop up all over your social feeds are booked for your date. It’s worth a shot if you really want to make it work, but chances are, you should be looking into smaller wedding vendors. They tend to have a lot more flexibility than some of the bigger ones, and will want to make it work with you. Be open to the idea that your wedding is going to be totally unique to you, and that can be so exciting!

Make the choices that matter to you

There can be a lot of pressure when it comes to weddings. From families to friends, everyone has two cents to put in. The most important part of planning your wedding is making the choices that matter most to you. Planning an NYC wedding in less than 6 months can be stressful enough as is. Leave the big decisions to yourselves as a couple. Don’t let other people’s input try to sway you from doing what you want to do. Make the choices in your short timeline New York wedding planning that matter most to you both as a couple.

Planning your New York wedding in less than 6 months?

Let’s get in touch! We’d love to see how we can help out. Let’s make a wedding photography package work for you. We have a bit of a soft spot for short timeline wedding planners. We’ve been there and we totally get it. Let’s get in touch.

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