Should You Hire a Student Wedding Photographer?

What to consider when you hire a student wedding photographer

When it comes to wedding photography, sometimes couples will look to student photographers to see if they can get a better deal. It can be hard to prioritize budgets for weddings, and understanding why wedding photography costs what it does. But should you hire a student wedding photographer to capture this special day? Here’s what you need to consider when you hire a student wedding photographer.

These are your lifetime memories

Something to remember if you’re planning to hire a student wedding photographer is that these are your lifetime memories. Your photographer has one chance to capture this memorable occasion. It’s important to ensure that you were going to get the best quality possible for your one special day. These photos will be the moments that you look back on for the rest of your life. Having an experienced professional will deliver results you can hold onto forever.

Seasoned professionals can problem solve

When you hire a seasoned wedding photographer over a student wedding photographer, you are hiring someone who can problem solve on the fly. Wedding photographers who have been through the wringer will know just what to do when quick action is needed. Student photographers don’t always have the same level of experience to be able to deliver the quick thinking and problem-solving skills needed on our wedding day.

Wedding photography professionals know the routine

Every single wedding is unique, but many tend follow similar formulas. Wedding photography professionals who are doing these kind of events week to week know the routine and have it down to a science. They know exactly where to be, when to be there and what images you need.

Professional wedding photographers have the workflow to get your images to you in time

Professional full-time wedding photographers often have the workflow to get your images to you in time. A student photographer might need a little bit more time with your images because they don’t have the same systems worked out. Plus, they are balancing your wedding photography with their education.

Full-time photographers have a legal business, so both sides are protected

When it comes down to it, full-time wedding photographers are running a legal business. That means both they and you are protected legally in the event of something going wrong. Hiring a professional full-time photographer for your wedding day will ensure that any problems that arise before, during, or after the wedding are handled in the most professional manner.

We all got our start somewhere

If you would really like to take a chance on a student photographer, ask your photographer to let them assist or second shoot instead. You’re giving the student photographer the chance to build their portfolio without the risk of your wedding day not going perfectly. Give yourself the relief of knowing you’ll have images to last a lifetime by hiring a professional wedding photographer for your wedding.

Hire a trusted New York wedding photographer

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