How to Stay Healthy for Your Wedding

Tips for Staying Healthy for Your Wedding

Eat Better, Not Less

There is a lot of chatter in wedding planning about losing a certain amount of weight before your wedding, or trying to get as slim as possible prior to your big day. When it comes to being healthy for your wedding, the emphasis should be on eating better for your body, not eating less. Not allowing your body the proper nutrients to keep itself running smoothly will end up hurting you prior to your wedding. If you want to stay as healthy as possible for your wedding, focus on what you’re eating, not the amount of food you are eating. Everyone deserves to feel happy, healthy and beautiful at their wedding. Don’t let that feeling be restricted to just a number on a scale.

Focus on Water

Drink lots of water! Keep yourself hydrated prior to your wedding. Water is one of the major keys to a happy healthy lifestyle. Having a proper intake of water every day will make you feel way better on your journey to pre-wedding health and happiness.

Take Your Vitamins

Take your vitamins! Each person requires different vitamins in their diet, so figure out which ones are right for you and try to stick to a vitamin regimen. Some people take fish oil for hair, nails and skin, while others take vitamin C to keep their immune system supported. Whatever your case might be, see if vitamins are the right choice for you.

Exercise, but Don’t Overexert

Exercise is good for anyone, bride or not, but overexertion is not. When you are trying to get fit for your wedding, exercise is a great habit to get into. That being said, this also takes time to build upon. Don’t overexert yourself, and make sure your exercise is balanced with a healthy diet.

Be Fully Yourself

At the end of the day, how you feel on your wedding day is way more important than how you look. Be fully yourself, and only work on healthy habits that you feel are important to you and your lifestyle.

Take Time to Rest While Planning

Getting an adequate amount of rest leading up to your wedding is so important. You don’t want to burn yourself out with wedding planning and be exhausted by your big day. Make sure you are taking time to rest. Try not to let yourself get absorbed entirely into wedding planning. Yes, you only do this once in your life. You shouldn’t have to make that time in your life harder by ignoring your body’s physical needs!

Pay Mind to Your Sleeping Habits

Having a good night’s sleep in the days and weeks leading up to your wedding will make for a happy and healthy bride. Pay mind to your sleeping habits, and do your best to get your full eight hours in every night. Your body, your skin, and your mind will thank you.

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