5 Things to Tell Your DJ Before Your Wedding

5 Things to Tell Your DJ Before Your Wedding

To make sure your wedding runs smoothly, communication with your vendors is important. Giving them as much detailed information as possible can make for your wedding day plans to run smoothly. Tell your DJ these 5 things before your wedding to make sure that everybody stays on the same page.

How to Pronounce Your Names

This may seem obvious, but honestly, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Let your DJ know how to pronounce your names ahead of time so there are no awkward situations. It’s your day and you should be honored correctly.

White Lights Only During Your First Dance

If you’re having a dark dance floor with colorful lighting, request that your DJ use only white lighting during your first dance. It will be a lot more flattering in your wedding photography. Colorful lights and effects can warp faces and photos. For your first dance, and any other important dances, it’s best to avoid any unwanted effects of colorful lighting.

How Much MC Chatter You Want

Let your DJ know how much chatter you want. Some people prefer an MC controlling the mood of the party, while others prefer a little less chatter in a little more music. It’s all about your preference, but let them know what your preference is.

Clean or Explicit?

Tell your DJ if you need to play clean versions only. If you’re having children at your wedding, sometimes couples preferred to keep the playlist clean. Give your DJ a heads up in advance which you prefer.

Any Off-Limits Music

Got any off-limits songs that may have significant meanings to you or someone you love that you may not want played? Let your DJ know ahead of time. You don’t want an inappropriate song to be on your wedding playlist! Set the tone by suggesting a playlist of important music to you two as a pair.

Bonus: Any Sensitive Relationships to Be Aware Of

Give your DJ a heads up about any sensitive relationships to be aware of. You don’t want your DJ announcing certain couples that might not be together anymore, or any family members that might have tense relationships. It’s best to let them know ahead of time if there is anything additional to be aware of.

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